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What Is My Dog Really Trying To Tell Me?

August 07, 2021

What Is My Dog Really Trying To Tell Me?

Do you sometimes get curious about your dog's behavior? I'm pretty sure most of the time, we wonder if our beloved pets are trying to tell us something. Well, good news, if you keep on reading, we'll be giving you a list of 10 essential signs about your dog's body language. 

Since pets are much different from humans, sometimes it is tough to understand our four-legged companion. Moreover, dogs can't speak, so they cannot tell us what they want or need. The good thing is that we can always look closely and monitor what their body signals tell us. When our beloved pets wish to tell us something, it is always a good thing to listen.

Your dog is staring you in the eye.

  • People say we don't stare at dogs because they get angry. But it will be another story when your dog looks at you. Direct eye contact from buddy usually means that he loves you, and he trusts that you won't harm him. 

Your dog is barking too much.

  • Barking could mean a lot of things. One of which is excitement: when your dog is so happy to see you. Another is anger/warning when someone is trying to break into your house or hurt you. Barking is normal until it becomes excessive, though. So keep wary of the signs of excessive barking because it may be that your dog might be crying for help. If your buddy keeps barking, howling, or whining, then he must be saying, "Mom, I'm hurt and in pain!" 

He is bringing you "presents."

  • Dogs bring you stuff to show you that he appreciates you and what you do for him. He is probably saying, "Hey, I want you to have this. You are my pack leader, and I want to make you happy!"

He wags his tail.

  • Tail language means a lot of things. For instance, if your dog raises his tail, it usually means "I am in control." He is scared or anxious when you see his tail tucked between his legs, which means something is wrong. Lastly, a wagging tail means excitement, or maybe he is pissed and wants you to act on something sooner!

Your dog can't stop destroying things.

  • Whenever we get home and see that our dog has torn our sheets, our shoes are chewed on, or even when plants are knocked out, we get frustrated, right? Especially when we know that our furry friend is the culprit. We might think that he's angry or did it because he feels bad for you leaving him alone. But according to research, your dog might be just getting bored, lonely, or anxious. They are incredibly energetic creatures, so if the excess energy they have is not used, they destruct things instead. It is best to spend more time with your pet, provide him with interactive toys, or adopt another playmate!

He is flicking his tongue.

  • Have you noticed that sometimes your dog tends to flick his tongue around unfamiliar people or children? It may be a sign that he is stressed or bothered. When your dog is uncomfortable, the safest way to help him is to give him space and remove him from the area.

Your dog is grooming himself too much.

  • Dogs clean themselves, but too much grooming is a warning. When he licks a spot continuously, this may be a sign that something hurts in that area. Another reason why a dog licks himself thoroughly is when he wants to comfort himself.

Your dog is sitting on your feet.

  • This is one of the sweetest ways of dogs showing their affection. When your furry friend does this, he wants to mark you as his territory, and he feels safe and secure.

Our dogs may not speak literally, but their body language says a lot about what they feel. Trust yourself and the connection you have with your beloved friend. After all, true friendship transcends boundaries. 

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