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Can My Dog Sense a Robber?

August 13, 2021

Can My Dog Sense a Robber?

Dogs are creatures with heightened perceptions. They may sense things that we humans may not even see. Our dogs are our best friends, and usually, we get them to have a loyal companion or someone to protect us and our homes when we get in trouble. After all, dogs can be friendly but also very protective at the same time.

How do I know that my dog senses a robber?

Dogs exhibit a range of behavior and body language when they sense someone new. And robbers and intruders are of no exemption. Depending on their degree of aggression, they can bark relentlessly or growl when they feel a terrible person is about to enter their home.

Barking alone is not an absolute indication of a burglar, but it surely means that something is wrong and your dog is telling you something. Intruders can make your dog super aggressive or anxious, depending on your dog's personality. Either way, when you sense something odd from your dog, check what's happening.

How can my dog sense a bad person?

When an intruder acts aggressively, their brain chemistry changes, and dogs can smell this. This is the reason why dogs instantly react to a potential threat. Dogs never ignore their intuition, making them the most reliable security to sense if something is wrong.

According to The Guardian's study of 12 burglars, they named "loud barking dogs, strong heavy doors, a TV being switched on and locked UPVC windows as the next most likely to put them off breaking into a home." Also, KGW8's investigative report on 86 robbers concluded that if "a homeowner had a big, loud dog, most burglars would stay away."

How can I make sure that me and my dog are safe?

The best solution for scaring off robbers is to add a monitored security system along with your dog. Dogs can surely bark at burglars to alert you, but they cannot always be much of help when the intrusion takes place. A security system always goes off with a deafening alarm that alerts the security service team as well.

An intruder increases the level of vocalization from your dog, so always be tuned to your dog's body language. Knowing your dog's different kinds of barks can be your life-saving skill, especially when a suspicious person is attempting to enter your home.