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How To Upload Your Photo

How To Upload Your Photo

Step 1:

Click the green 'UPLOAD PHOTO' button.

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Step 2:

Select 'Choose a local file'. (If you want to upload a photo from Facebook or Instagram click the relevant icons.)

pet creations upload pet photo

Step 3:

Select 'Photo Library' to choose a photo from your camera roll.

pet creations photo upload

Step 4:

Select 'Add' to confirm the upload of your photo.

pet creations uk how to upload pet photo

Step 5:

Choose the size of your portrait.
Add any notes in the 'Notes' section, if necessary.
Then click 'ADD TO CART' to add the product to your basket.

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Unable to add a photo?

Email us your images at support@petcreations.co.uk and we will be happy to help!