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About Sallie & Sophia



My name is Sallie St. Clair, and I work alongside my sister Sophia as your digital artist for our company Pet Creations Art. We're sisters from the South of France who now live in the USA.

Our father was an amazing artist but was never allowed to fulfil his dream as his parents felt that being a cartoonist was not a proper job, and he was forced to work in his father's butchers instead. I always remember seeing my fathers pictures on the wall, and they were astonishing.

One evening he took us to see The Lion King and Sophia and I were blown away by this film, so we started drawing our own comics and pictures of Simba and Mufasa. We would spend our evenings drawing for hours and hours and get totally lost in our art that we wouldn't even realise the time. Those moments where you are lost in your work are perfect, every thought, every move you make with your hand and watching your art piece grow in front of you.

This is a true passion for us, not just a job. Sophia and I take our tablets everywhere we go, whether that's on holiday, long bus journeys, even drawing waiting in the dentist's office! Some would say it's an obsession, but for us, we really believe it's our destiny.

We're so incredibly grateful to have combined our passion for art and animals into our full-time jobs; pet portrait artists!

Sallie St. Clair

I am the pet obsessed one in the family. You know the sibling that would constantly nag about getting a dog, yeah, that was me! I am inspired by the happy nature of my dog, Zeus and LOVE the fact that I can capture each pet's unique personality into my portraits. 

sallie st clair

My Favorite Work

turn your pet into a cartoon

Sophia St. Clair

I am OBSESSED with cartoons! I guess that inner child part of me never left. Growing up, I always felt so inspired watching Disney films, and from a very young age, I could admire the creativity that went into these films. When I began drawing, it was evident that I would be drawing cartoons since that was where my passion started.

sophia st clair 

My Favorite Work

disneyfy your pet

We will draw your custom artwork by hand with tender love, care, and attention, turning him/her into an incredible masterpiece in the style that you always loved. I am so confident that you'll love your art we offer our guarantee; You love it or your money back. It's that simple.

We are incredibly grateful to have had such an overwhelming response from our customers and have since been able to open print facilities worldwide. We now have print facilities based in the USA, Canada, Australia, EU & UK. Where to next!?

I would like to thank you for making it this far, I really hope that Sophia and I can make something special for you.

With love,
Sallie & Sophia xox