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Why Is My Cat Always Hungry?

September 20, 2021

Why is my cat always hungry?

In reality, cats aren't as motivated by food as dogs. If you observe closely, your feline friend may also act demanding when served with food. So if your cat is acting super hungry all the time and begging for food beyond usual, then it could be a sign of a medical issue. 

Here are some pointers about your cat's normal eating behavior that you must observe:

  • Cats have an excellent memory, so when you feed them at specific mealtime schedules, they will surely remember it. They will start to meow, cry or stare at you intently until you feed them. 
  • Your cat is incredibly smart too. It knows where you keep its treats, and when it sees you, it will surely come running towards you and start crying for a treat. 
  • All cats have a habit of jumping into tables and other high places. Because of this, your cat has a high chance of stealing your food. Don't get too angry, though, as this is part of your cat's instinct. However, if they learn to taste the food not on their regular diet, you'll have a hard time breaking this habit. So the best thing to do is to cover your food if you plan to leave it on the table. Make sure that your cat is getting the right amount of food during its mealtime to prevent it from stealing your food. 
  • Sometimes, cats vomit too. This is because they may form hairballs when they groom themselves. If the hairballs are not passed when your cat defecates, they will most likely vomit the undigested hairballs and sometimes the food they eat. If the vomiting happens quite often, consider visiting the veterinarian to see what they can do about it. 

All these habits are perfectly normal to cats. But if you observe that your cat is exhibiting peculiar behavior, then it's time to ask your veterinarian about it. Here are some dangerous causes of increased appetite:

Psychological issue. 

If your cat is immensely bored and has nothing to do, one of the things it will do is keep itself busy and entertained by eating more food. If you suspect that your cat is experiencing boredom, try to play with it, and interact with it before meal time.

Worms or intestinal parasites. 

These creatures live off your cat's stomach and suck out the nutrients your cat should be getting. If your cat is always hungry despite feeding it regularly, it may not be getting its diet's nutrition. Parasites can also make your cat's body swell, which it may get from eating diseased prey.


When your cat's thyroid gland is overly active, this will cause a massive increase in your cat's appetite. The good thing is that the veterinarian can easily treat this condition with medication.


If your cat is diabetic, it means that its pancreas can no longer convert sugars into energy. Cats then tries to compensate to their low energy by eating more. If your cat always urinates and is constantly thirsty, this could also be a sign of diabetes. If left untreated, it will be dangerous to your cat's health.


If all other reasons have been ruled out and your cat is still gaining weight, then your cat might have cancer. Your veterinarian will suggest different treatment options. Cancer slows down a cat's metabolism, but if treated early, your cat will have a greater chance of survival.  

In conclusion, it would be challenging to determine exactly why your cat is eating more than usual. It could be that it is just bored and hungry, or there are other more serious medical reasons. Whatever the reasons are, make sure to take your cat to the vet for it to be properly diagnosed.