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What If My Dog Bites Me: Can I Do Something About It?

September 06, 2021

my dog bit me

One of the most unexpected events a dog owner may experience is when their dog bites them. There are many reasons dogs bite their humans: he could be feeling anxious or scared or might be guarding his resources. Other times the reason might be that he's taking out his aggressive behavior towards you. 

No matter how deep your connection with your dog is, sometimes unexpected things can happen. And when a dog bites its owner, the first thing to do is stay calm and not panic. 

WHY did my dog bite me?

Your dog has maternal instincts.

Dogs become more sensitive, especially when mother dogs want to protect their puppies. To avoid aggressive behavior from your mother pup, give her space and let her protect her puppies until such time that she's ready to share them with you.

Your dog is in pain.

Whenever dogs are in pain, you will not always see it. But if, for instance, you have touched a painful and sore part of his body, your dog's instinct is to bite. When this happens, consider having a trip to the vet to determine the root cause of your dog's pain. 

Your dog is scared.

If you just got a dog, the tendency is for your new pet to be scared of you because he is unfamiliar with your presence. In some instances, he might bite if you scared him. To prevent this from happening, you must build a relationship with your dog first. Give him space and do not startle him especially when he's asleep. Do not jump at him as this gesture will surely make him anxious. 

Your dog may be possessive.

Whenever we take something important from our dog, like his favorite toy or his most loved treats, your dog will respond to you with dominance and aggressiveness. It would be best if you correct this reaction by training your dog slowly. 

Your dog thinks you are running away.

Whenever you play with your dog and you suddenly run away from him, this may trigger his predatory instincts. Most likely, he will run after you and bite you. Your dog may think that biting is encouraged in this play situation, so avoid running from your dog as much as you can.

WHAT will I do to prevent dog bites?

  • As a dog owner, you are responsible for training your dog so he won't bite anyone and keep him under control. This being said, engage your dog in basic training throughout his life, so he would remember everything you teach him.
  • Start the basic training by building trust with your dog. You may do this by going on morning walks and exercising together to build trust and connection in your relationship. Be an assertive but firm leader of your "pack." 
  • Teach your dog simple tricks through positive reinforcement. Reward him when he does what you want, and give him praise and affirmation every time, so that your dog will positively respond to you and is less likely to react negatively. 
  • Socialize your dog at a young age so he will get more comfortable around people and outside circumstances. Allow him to meet children, older people, or even the disabled. This way, he will be more familiar in a calm and safe environment with humans around him. When walking around the neighborhood, expose your dog to different vehicles, bicycles, or anything that produces sound, to minimize his fear and discomfort around these things. 
  • Discern your dog's body language, and when you feel like your dog will bite someone, calmly remove your dog from the situation and place him in a calm, secluded area.
  • Keep your dog vaccinated to prevent possible problems in the future, and visit your vet regularly for check-ups.

WHAT will I do if my dog bites me?

  • Put your dog in another room away from you.
  • Remain calm and wash your wound with warm water and soap.
  • Contact a medical professional ASAP so your injuries will be attended to properly. Depending on how large the wound is, you may need to call an ambulance or someone to take you to the hospital. If you suspect that your dog may be rabid or not up-to-date with his vaccination, make sure to make anti-rabies shots.

In conclusion, when your dog bites you, it doesn't mean he doesn't love you. There could be various factors, but what's important is that you stay calm whatever happens and seek medical attention if necessary.