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The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Dog Walk

August 11, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Dog Walk

Have you noticed that your Buddy is super excited every morning when taking him out on a walk? This is primarily because Buddy's daily walk is most likely one of the highlights of his day. When you walk your dog, you give them much-needed physical exercise, mental stimulation, and familiarization with the neighborhood. To make sure your Buddy will have the best walking experience, we at Pet Creations have compiled a few tips and tricks to make sure you are both enjoying your time.

Always walk in front of Buddy.

  • Your dog thinks of you as a pack leader. And you reinforce this stance when you walk in front of him or beside him. He sees you as his protector and trusts you. Never attempt to let your dog walk first because you are making him think he's the leader and most likely will not follow you. Also, it would be best if you were the first out of the door and the last one in.

A short dog leash is a way to go!

  • You'd want more control while you walk around the neighborhood, and a short leash will help you navigate easily. Attach the leash to the top of Buddy's neck to allow more accessible communication and guide. It is easier to correct your dog, too, by pulling the leash gently. It is also good to invest in a great dog collar. A gentle reminder that when correcting your Buddy, always prioritize his safety.

Set a specific time when you take Buddy for a walk.

  • Thirty minutes to one hour of leisure walking will be good for both you and Buddy. Dogs, like humans, are active during the day, so it is best to walk in the morning. There can be special cases, but it is best to seek your Vet's advice about this.

Carry water.

  • If you are planning on taking Buddy to longer walks, consider bringing a water bottle so you can let him drink. Unlike us humans, dogs cannot control their temperature so they sweat through panting and can easily become dehydrated.

Reward him for being a good boy.

  • Dogs are happy when you make them feel that they did a good job—Reward Buddy when he has maintained a proper state of mind. You can allow him to relieve himself and sniff around. Then, decide how long this reward will take. Just make sure it won't be longer than the time you spent on the walk.

Be a responsible owner and clean up after your dog.

  • It is very important and courteous to pick up your dog's poop while doing the walk. You are being a good neighbor if you do this, and you'll help maintain your neighborhood clean.

Don't stop leading when you get home.

  • Keep leading your Buddy even after your walk. Allow him to patiently wait while you take of your shoes and put away his leash.

Give Buddy his meal as a reward. 

  • This is like saying, "Buddy, I am now allowing you to 'work' for your food and water," and this will surely make him eager to go on walks again!

What about you, do you have additional dog walking tips? Share your experience with us on the comments below!