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Purrfect Halloween Celebration Ideas For Your Pet

October 28, 2021

How to celebrate Halloween with my pet

It's just a few days before the much-awaited Halloween celebrations. This means it's the perfect time to start preparing for some holiday fun if you haven't already. If you still haven't thought of something yet, then we gotchu fam! 

Your pets surely enjoy their trick-or-treats all year round, and this Spooky Season, make something extra special. Here are a few ways to get your furry babies safely and joyfully involved this Halloween.

Get your fur babies into character by dressing them up!

There are a ton of ways to dress your pets into a costume. However, it could be hard to choose the perfect outfit for your fur baby with a ton of options out there. 

Make sure your pet's vision and movement are not restricted by the outfit you choose. Whole face masks can obstruct your pet's eyesight and breathing, while skimpy outfits with lots of strings and small parts can cause choking hazards and will make it hard for your pet to move. 

spooky pet costumes

Remember that your pet's utmost comfort is your priority. If your pet insists not to wear a full costume, opt for a twinning spooky-theme T-shirts from Pet Creations Art! We'll hand-draw your caricature with your pet in a spooky Tim Burton inspired style. Click HERE.

halloween pet tshirts

Engage in Trick-or-Treat long walks.

If your pet is up for it, why not take them into a walk together with your family? This will help your dog engage in the fun without being left alone at home. Most pets enjoy quality time with their humans too. Just make sure that your pet is well-behaved and not easily spooked. Some dogs become skittish when overwhelmed with noise or strangers, so it's better to know your dog's personality before deciding to go on walks during Halloween. 

If your pet does not like to go outside, do not worry, as you can always consider putting them in a bedroom and turning on the T.V. to distract them from the noise out. You can also play music to calm them. 

halloween dog walks

Attend a pet-friendly neighborhood event.

Almost every neighborhood has outdoor and dog-friendly events that are suited for our pets. Haunted houses, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches are safe enough for your pet to enjoy!

Buy Spooky-theme toys or D.I.Y. them yourself.

If you have time, buy some safe toys for your pets this Halloween. Not only will these toys keep them entertained and busy, but you also give them the chance to enjoy this much-awaited event. You can buy everything from shops and boutiques with candies, toys and even costumes. While you are up for it, quickly do D.I.Y. holiday art projects using old tennis balls or socks.

Binge-watch your favorite scary movies!

If you are a home buddy, then this is the chillest way to celebrate the spooky season. Our pets most likely just want to cuddle, so scheduling a movie marathon night will be pawsome! Snuggle together with the coziest blanket, and everything will be purrfect!

For custom spooky-style cartoon blankets, click HERE.

halloween theme blanket
Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, make sure that everyone in your family enjoys (including your pets) by staying safe and happy!