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Ten Ways To Know If My Cat Loves Me

November 01, 2021

does my cat love me?

Cats are hard to read, let alone the fact that they are not fans of snuggles and constant affections of love. So, how do we determine if your cats love us? Pets have different ways of communicating how they feel. Chances are, your cat may be displaying secret love languages that you may not notice at all. Here in this article, we will walk you through the different signs that your cat loves you.

When your cat headbutts you, this means he adores you.

When your cat lightly touches his forehead against you, this is called head bunting, and he never does this to everyone. Your cat will gently face you, lower his head and lean forward so that he can touch your forehead. When your cat does this to you, the act releases feel-good hormones called endorphins through this loving touch.

When your cat rubs his cheeks on you, then he is saying, "you are mine."

Cats have tons of oils in their facial glands. They tend to rub their cheeks on your furniture, bed, and even on your legs or hands. This is an act where they mark their territory to make them feel more at home. So the next time that your feline friend rubs his cheeks on you, be eternally grateful.

Your cat twitches his tail at the tip or curls it around your leg. 

Your cat's tail is like a barometer that indicates its mood. If your cat's tail is bushy and upright like a stick with its back arched, then it means your cat is agitated or scared. However, if you notice your cat come up to you with its tail lazily up in the air and the tip twitches, then he feels confident and happy in your presence. This is a sign that your cat adores you.  

Purring means that your cat is happy and secure when he's with you.

Have you wondered what this steady, rhythmic sound your cat makes when he inhales and exhales? This sound is called purring, and it is associated with contentment. Purring is an undeniably good sign that your cat loves to have you around, and he says, "I love you." Cats do not purr on just anyone - they reserve their purring for humans that they absolutely adore. The other creatures they purr on are their kittens. Other than that, the purring behavior is reserved for their beloved human, you. 

purring cat

Your cat suddenly brings you his "gifts."

Cats are inner hunters. When your cat brings you his favorite toys, dead mice, frogs, bugs, or any random objects he finds, this means he feels at home with you, and he values your friendship. You may occasionally find dead mice or random things to place you usually visit - for instance, under your pillow. But do not freak out, as this is perfectly normal and part of their behavior. Your cat brings these objects home where he feels most secure, and this is a clear sign that he feels safe. 

Your cat sits on you or beside you.

It is rare for cats to cuddle. But when they do, it means you can start celebrating because it means they are declaring their love for you. Cats love warm places to nap, but choosing you instead of their bed is indeed a great honor. 

cat sitting on your lap

Your cat kneads his paws on your belly. 

Kneading is a behavior in kittens when they nuzzle their mother for milk. When your cat purrs and kneads its paws on your stomach or your lap, this means that he is affectionate towards you, and he is taken back to the memory he has with his mother. Kneading is also a sign that your cat feels safe.

Your cat licks your hair or any part of your body.

When a cat licks you constantly, then he might be "grooming" you. Cats groom other cats as a sign that they are a part of the clan. So when there are times that he grooms you, it means he considers you as a giant cat who's part of his family. Remember, only "special" cats can have the privilege to be in their special grooming session. 

Your cat nibbles your arm.

Soft nibbles are perfectly safe, as this is a common sign that your cat is fond of you. Cats show their affection to those they love through tickling gentle bites, which usually doesn't hurt. So when your cat nibbles on you like a chew toy, let him.

Your cat is making high-pitched sounds.

Have you noticed that sometimes it feels like your cat is talking to you? This is called chatting, trilling, or chirping. Listen carefully as these high-pitched trills signify that your cat is friendly and affectionate. When you feel like it, you can trill back and have your cat chat. These sounds are different from meowing, so when your cat chats with you, it means you always keep him in a good mood.