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Perfect Gift Ideas for International Dog Day

August 18, 2021

Perfect Gift Ideas for International Dog Day

Owning a dog is a joy, a privilege, and a responsibility. Thus, every dog owner is a unique, selfless kind of human. We love our pets unconditionally, and we brag about them to our friends whenever we can. 

This International Dog Day, we at Pet Creations want to help you celebrate the existence of your dogs. Our furry friends have helped us get through tough times, happy times, and we build countless memories with them. It just fits to celebrate them once a year, right? We have compiled a list of custom-made gifts to help you choose the perfect gift for any dog lover in your life, including yourself.

Gifts for the Doggie Newbie

These pet owners are usually first-time pet parents. For this reason, they are typically the "proactive" ones when it comes to ensuring that their pets only get the best in everything. 

  • Books on Basic Dog Care
Your newbie friend will love this, as animal care books contain reliable and proven information regarding dog health, food, and proper dog care. Sometimes the internet becomes saturated with loads of information, and these books will help sort out which information is essential and well-founded.
  • Personalized Blankets
To make sure both you and your pet are cozy and warm, consider having a custom pet fleece blanket. These sturdy and unique blankets will make your cuddle time a more enjoyable experience.
  • Pet Hoodies
Are you going for a walk in chilly weather? Fret not; you can keep yourself warm and comfy with a custom hoodie. Brag about your pet with your friends with a cartoon version of your pet drawn on your hoodie too!


Gifts for the Proud Dog Mom

We probably are familiar with this type of dog owner - they usually have small cutesy dogs they carry everywhere, take selfies together with their fluffy child, or take their puppers to the salon or during workouts.

  • Personalized Wrapped Canvas
Make your living room extra special by hanging a personalized cartoon-style canvas of your beloved pooch. Our canvases are drawn by talented artists who hand-draws your pet to make sure every bit of their personality is captured to perfection.
  • Matching Sweaters
Dog moms usually love cutesy things. Matching sweaters is a good buy if you want to gift them something that they and their dog will surely love, especially on trips! 


Gifts for the Cool Dog Dads

These dads love their dogs enormously and value them as much as the other members of their family. More than just a pet, they consider their furry pet a best friend and bring their dogs wherever they go. They prioritize the health and wellbeing of their pets, and most pet dads follow an organized pet routine. 

  • Dog T-shirts
Since Dog Dads love going on trips, walks, and hikes, a basic T-shirtwill be a perfect gift. They'll be proud as they wear this wherever they go with their buddy. 
  • Personalized Mug
A handy mug is good when hiking. Imagine drinking a warm cup of coffee in the mountains with their favorite companion - priceless. Moreover, they are sure to smile at you when they discover that your gift will make their coffee mornings extra special.

Whatever gift you may give, it is the thought that counts. We are sure that your family and friends will be delighted on International Dog Day because you remembered not only them but also their precious pets. We buy gifts for the people we love, so no matter how big or small is, as long as it came from our hearts and we considered what they'd love, then every gift is a winner. Life is short. Show the appreciation of your loved ones every once in a while!