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Looking For Love This Valentines? Here Are 5 Pets That Love To Cuddle

February 09, 2022

Looking For Love This Valentines? Here Are 5 Pets That Love To Cuddle

After a hard day's work, I always look forward to cuddling with my pets at home. After all, our furry babies are not just loyal, but they can also express affection towards their hooman parents. Our pets uplift us when we are down, make good exercise companions, and give us unconditional love.

If you are looking forward to owning pets, look no further, for I have compiled a list of pets that are easy to care for and could be your cuddle buddy.


dog cuddle

It's no shock that dogs made the number one on my list since dogs are pretty much the most popular pets in the US. They are called Man's Best Friend for a good reason: they are one of the most loyal companions, and they are super affectionate. Since dogs are highly social animals, they can return our love and affection, and they crave the bond with their fur parents. No matter what breed you choose, dogs can adapt and warm up once they are adopted into a loving home. 

How will I know that my dog loves me?

When dogs start to warm up to you, they will follow you around. They'll wag their tails when they see you or even jump in the air to reach you. Most dogs love to hug and snuggle, especially when their hooman is resting on a couch. Dogs can also bark and lick you when they get excited. These are but a few traits that a dog will possess once he decides to be your forever-loving companion. 


cat cuddle

Cats have a reputation for being unpredictable, independent, cold, and aloof. But being a cat owner myself, I could attest that these furry balls of fluff are capable of warming up to humans. Dogs and cats show their love differently, but both species can love us. Cats are loyal and somehow protective to their owners. I have read news articles where cats even risk their lives to protect their owners from danger. 

What are the ways that my cat can express affection?

Just like dogs, your cat will start following you around once he gets accustomed to your home. Notice that he'll begin to rub his cheeks on your legs as a sign that he's "marking" you as his family. Also, cats love to purr and knead. Kneading means a cat will gently press his paws against your lap while he purrs to signify that he is relaxed in your presence. Lastly, cats love to snuggle and lick their owners to demonstrate their affection too.

Guinea Pigs

guinea pig cuddle

Guinea Pigs are child-friendly outdoor pets. So if you are looking for a pet to teach your children how to care for animals, these cute rodents might be a good choice. They can quickly adapt, are cheerful, and are generally gentle. What's more impressive is that guinea pigs prefer to live in groups as they thrive in companionship, just like rabbits. 

How do guinea pigs express love?

Guinea pigs might be a little different from cats and dogs as they have less obvious signs of showing affection. But once you learn their love language, you'll be fascinated with them even more! Once they can build trust with you, they'll come to you to be hand-held. Since they are shy creatures, it takes consistency to train them to be hand-held, but it's worth it, I promise. Aside from being held, they love hand-feeding too. Use this time to strengthen your bond together. Like other pets, guinea pigs will also follow you around once they are 100% comfortable with your presence. And lastly, they'll nibble you gently as a sign that they love you.


rat cuddle

Commonly called fancy rats, these critters are different from the dirty sewer rats most of us are familiar with. These fancy white rats are self-groomers, so they are generally clean. If you want a small pet that is affectionate and cheerful, then fancy rats are for you. Play with them or put them in your lap or shoulders. You'll enjoy their playfulness and cuddle-ability. 

What are the ways that rats show affection?

Just like the other pets mentioned above, rats will start to follow you around once they get accustomed to your presence. They snuggle and squeal when they are happy, and they'll enjoy sitting on your shoulder.


rabbit cuddle

Rabbits are almost the same as dogs in terms of their ability to give affection. Their personalities can range from being quiet and shy to playful and outgoing. The beauty of owning a rabbit is that they are excellent cuddle buddies. However, a good rabbit owner must know how to handle them properly - they are uncomfortable when picked up, so it is best to hold and pet them while they are on the ground or put them on your lap to be more comfortable. 

How do I know if my rabbit loves me?

Rabbits love head rubs. You'll notice that once you give them head massages, they'll warm up to you and ask for more. They'll also start hopping around you and running on your feet. They'll jump when they see you and most likely follow you around too. Watch out for their "squealing," as this is the cutest sound they'll make when they are happy in your presence. 

Whatever pet you choose to adopt, be sure to take care of them and love them as your own. Pets need us as much as we need them. Which pet is your favorite?