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How to Pet a Cat The Correct Way (So It Likes You)

August 04, 2021

How to Pet a Cat The Correct Way (So It Likes You)

Have you ever experienced petting your cat, and it seems as if he super loves it, and the next minute, he scratches you with his paws? I bet all of us have a similar encounter. But fret not, Pet Creations is here to help, to make sure you and your cat will be best pals in no time!
I'll be sharing with you some scientifically proven tips and tricks that are guaranteed to make your fur baby love you back.

As we all know, humans are incredibly social beings, and it is in our nature to show affection. This is the primary reason why our initial reaction when we see cats is to stroke, hug, and pet them. After all, we find cats, especially their faces, adorable. On the other hand, cats primarily get a little overwhelmed since they are not particularly a social species.

So, how do we properly pet a cat?

Start by introducing yourself. If you jump to instant petting, you might scare the cat, and she might feel threatened and instantly retaliate. Take things slowly. Let her smell you by extending your fingers towards her nose. This lowers the cat's guard down, and once she gets to know you a bit, this fluffy creature will start to relax.

The important thing here is to make sure we provide our kitty with as much choice and control during the activity. Specifically, we must discern if they wanted to be petted or not and give them control as to where we touch them and how long. As much as we love our cats, we must practice a little self-restraint when handling them. Scientists believe that when we wait for our own cats to initiate the interaction, the petting will surely last longer.

"Cats tend to like soft, gentle strokes that move in the same direction of their fur, rather than back and forth petting," according to Samantha Nigbur, an ASPCA Behavioral Sciences Team Counselor. Also, they are like people—some enjoy a lot of physical contact with others, and some enjoy only a little."

Another bonus is this: most friendly kitties love to be stroked on areas near their scent glands. Get ready to stroke those chubby cheeks! The base of their ears and under their chins are also good spots. However, refrain from touching the bottom of their tummy, back, and it is best to leave their tails alone.

How can we tell that our cat enjoys being petted?

  • The tail is moving upright and begins close contact.
  • Signs of ease in facial expression, relaxed posture, ears raised and pointing forward
  • They start "kneading" you with their front paws + lots of purring
  • Gentle side-to-side wagging of their tails
  • It gives you a cute, gentle nudge when you stop petting them

Is there a wrong way of petting a cat? Can they get stressed too?

  • They turn their head away from you.
  • Licking their nose, shakes their head and body a lot
  • Ears are curling backward or flattening to the sides
  • Bitting or swapping your hands away with their paw
  • Very passive/uninterested (no purring or nudging)
  • Short bursts of grooming, licking their bodies
  • Swishing and thumping their tails

In Conclusion...

Always remember that not all cats are the same: some love cuddles; others are a bit finicky. But what is most important is that we love our cats and always look for a million ways to show our love to them. We can play with them or even give them their favorite treats to strengthen the bond!

Some people even mark their relationship through personalized gifts. We believe that your relationship with your cat is so important that you only want the best for them. We totally understand. That's why Pet Creations will be happy to help you immortalize your friendship through pet portraits. Remember, your pets are worth it.