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How To Care For Your Cat the Right Way

August 12, 2021

How To Care For Your Cat the Right Way

You are sure to make your feline friend happy with these smart and doable strategies. Are you ready to change your cat's life for the better?

According to Jeff Werber, a veterinarian based in Los Angeles, "It is very crucial to get off on the right foot with cat care. Good daily habits are where it starts." We at Pet Creations compiled these essential pointers to ensure your cat will live their best furry life ever.

Brush your feline friend every day.

  • Cats have a habit of cleaning themselves by licking their fur. Licking results in hairballs that develop in their digestive tract. To minimize this, regular brushing and combing will significantly help in removing dead hair from their coat. At first, your cat may hate this as they get easily overwhelmed by foreign objects touching their body. But the technique here is to brush their coat during "happy events," like before a meal, so your feline friend will associate brushing with something delicious.

Too much dry food is not good.

  • Cats are carnivorous. They need meat as a foundation for their diets every single day. Dry food contains too many carbs, which can, later on, have adverse effects on your cat's health. "We see cats developing Type 2 diabetes and growing obese from too much dry food," Werber explains.

Enrichment and Exercise

  • Cats spend almost 100% of their time indoors, so we might as well make sure that these kitties don't get bored. Obesity in cats is very common, so we must not assume that our kitties get enough exercise on their own. 
    • make a DIY Cat Tree or things to climb on
    • toys (ex. laser pointer)
    • while you're at it, you can also make a catio, or outdoor space for your cat to give them fresh air while keeping them safe

Give them fresh water every day.

  • Cats need to drink water to keep themselves hydrated. Clean, fresh water is essential to make sure your feline friend is in good shape. Some cats don't want to drink in bowls, so if you can, provide them a tall glass to sip on, so they don't have to bend down. A cat fountain is also a good option.

Do's and don'ts of litter boxes.

  • One kitty is entitled to one litterbox, plus an additional one. So let's say you own three cats, then you should provide four litter boxes. Also, it is our instinct to place litter boxes in corners and out-of-the-way areas. But this makes it hard for cats to do their business. According to Werber, cats are in a very vulnerable position while they potty, so they need to see around them. Consider also using a box without a cover. Keep the litter boxes clean always, so scooping more than once a day is highly encouraged. 

If your cat starts urinating outside the litter box, consider checking what's wrong. 

  • It could be a sign of illness such as a urinary tract infection or another medical issue, so make sure to rule out this concern by coming to the veterinarian and have your cat checked. Another reason may be because the litterboxes are dirty, so always clean them. Experiment with different types of cat litter and see which of those will suit your cat's liking. Lastly, try changing your litterbox location to somewhere more quiet with easier access.

Your cat will love a scratching post.

  • Train your cat to use a scratching post. This will save a lot of your furniture and help your cat stretch their muscles and maintain their claws in good shape. 

Keep your cat's teeth clean.

  • Cat's cannot brush their teeth, unlike us, so we need to brush them. Keep your cat's teeth in good condition to prevent bacteria and tartar from building up, ruling out the possibility of feline diseases.

Schedule regular veterinary visits.

  • Your vet is the best person to assess the health of your cat. So make sure to go on vet trips annually to ensure that your cat will live happy and healthy for a long time.

Spay or neuter your cat.

  • Spaying can help your female cat be safe from different diseases such as uterine infections, ovarian cancer, and breast tumors. At the same time, neutering prevents male cats from contracting testicular cancer and prostate problems. 

These are but a few suggestions on how to care for your cat correctly. After all, we all want to have our feline friends with us for a very long time.