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How Do Cats Choose Their Best Friend

August 23, 2021

how do cats choose their best friend?

Cats are finicky animals, and it is no secret that they choose their favorite person without being afraid of hurting our feelings. The most common question asked by pet owners is, "why does my cat like my husband/sister/brother more than me?" We have compiled a couple of reasons for this behavior below.

Over the years, cats have gained the reputation that they are snobbish and uncaring beings. But according to research, they are very much capable of loving and showing affection; they just don't show their emotions that much. If you are one of those people feeling that they aren't valued as much by their feline friend, don't get discouraged. Your cat still loves you, and it will surely miss you when you aren't around.

So, how do cats pick their best friend?

There is no single answer to this question. Cats are highly individualistic beings, so they can be very unpredictable when choosing their favorite human. For us to understand better, imagine how you choose your best friend? What are they like? Do they help you with certain things? Do you feel cared for when you are with them? Animals have emotions and preferences like us, so they most likely will choose someone they are more comfortable with.

Your feline friend's most favorite human may be the one who plays with it the most. It could be the one who feeds it and cleans its litterbox regularly. Just like us, cats grow fond of someone who builds a relationship and connection with them the most. They will be attracted to someone who keeps them comfortable and safe. 

Is there a way so I can be my cat's favorite?

I bet the first thing that pops into your mind is, "I'm gonna smother my cat with love and cuddles!" Well, this strategy might work for dogs, but for cats - this is a terrible idea. 

Cats are sensitive, and they want you to respect their own space. They can get too overwhelmed when you stroke and cuddle them for minutes. If you're going to smother them with affection, get their permission first. The best way to get your cat's trust is to be patient and start with giving your cat some treats. You can also play with them sometimes.

How do I make sure that my cat will love me?

  • If you want to build a strong relationship with your cat, start bonding with them early. According to research, a cat's socialization declines after 7-8 months, so this period is extremely crucial in making your cat comfortable to you and other people in the household.
  • Communication is key. To learn how to communicate with your kitten effectively, it pays to observe its personality and behavior. Cats pay close attention to our moods, so it would greatly help if you can be in a good mood when interacting with your cat. Bring positivity into your relationship to encourage your cat to open to you. If they feel relaxed and comfortable around you, that will be the most significant sign that they love you.
  • Purring is a good sign. Purring is evidence that your cat feels good and is content whenever you stroke or pet it. Sometimes, purring also means that cats want their owners to do something for them. To know what exactly your cat likes, learn to know the "kind" of purr they are making. 

Overall, cats are not like dogs. They exhibit different signals, where cats are more subtle compared to their canine friend. However, this is what makes cats mysterious and loveable at the same time. Cats are constantly showing us how they feel through their body language. And with constant practice, we'll soon understand them very well.