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How Can I Keep My Cat Happy Indoors?

November 09, 2021

How can I make my cat happy?

I have always loved my pets and I want to make them as happy as possible. Dogs and cats have different needs, so I make sure that I give them what they want to make them live longer and happier! For this blog, I'll be sharing with you what I do with my cat, Ben Ben, to make him happy every day. These tips will help every cat lover know the do's and don'ts of caring for their feline friend.

With the cold weather approaching, pet parents should be more prepared to make a suitable place for their pets indoors. Here are tips and tricks to make indoors exciting and ideal for your feline friend that meets all your cat's needs.

Adopt them while they're young.

Cats kept indoors while they are 5-6 months old will better adjust to their environment and naturally stay happy indoors when they grow up. In my experience, I have no problem with my cat staying indoors since I adopted him while he was still a kitten.

Let your cat play outdoors every once in a while.

Whenever the weather is nice, allow your cat to enjoy outdoors but with safety precautions. Build a safe fence or a "catio" for your cat to wander around without the risk. Remember to always let your cat outdoors with your supervision and not let your cat wander alone. Get rid of any toxic plants and dangerous objects too.

Install perches for your cat to hang out.

Cats love to rest and sight-see even when indoors. Install perches on sunny windows, or place an enclosure that sits on a window frame. This way, your kitty can hang out and be secure. I have personally bought a perch for my cat, Ben Ben, from a pet store. Within a few days, it instantly became his favorite spot to hang out! 

Play-time will strengthen your connection with your cat.

A responsible pet owner will always make time to bond with their pets. Kindly spare a few minutes or hours to play with your kitty each day (I promise you, your cat will love you for it! *wink*) You can buy cat toys that can allow your feline friend to stalk, chase or pounce. Remember to make sure you only buy toys that are safe to play with. Supervise them as much as possible, and if you cannot, leave them with boxes or bags to play with without risk of accidents. 

Scratch posts are a cat's favorite!

Cats need to groom their nails every so often. Have you seen your cat scratching on your wooden furniture, your loafers, or yourcarpet? It's because their nails are getting long, and they need to groom themselves. To prevent your things from getting ruined, purchase a good scratching post for your cat. He'll love you for it, I tell you! 

Cats love cleanliness!

Cats are clean freaks. I remember one time when Ben Ben ignored his litterbox for the whole day, and it bogged me to know the reason. It turns out his litterbox wasn't cleaned! Since then, I have made sure to clean the litterbox every day.

Be wary of hairballs.

As I mentioned earlier, cats love to clean themselves from time to time. However, as they do this every day, they can most likely ingest their own fur. This fur will turn into hairballs that will cause mild digestive problems to your cat. To lessen the hairballs he might ingest, then consider brushing your cat's coat regularly. 

Reward your cat with treats! 

When your cat does something you want, treat them with a special treat from time to time. Purchase a healthy treat from the pet store. This way, you'll be sure that it is safe, low in calories, and tasty!

In Conclusion...

Overall, cats are fairly easy to please. Just be there for them when they need you, and give them space when they like to be alone. Cuddle time is important too! Every night, I schedule a cuddle time with my cat where I allow him to relax his paws while leaning next to me. Best feeling ever!