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Does My Dog Miss Me When I'm Gone?

August 05, 2021

Does My Dog Miss Me When I'm Gone?

We all go out on trips, errands and work-related stuff, and sometimes we don't have a choice but to leave your dog alone at home, right? This experience is common to all dog lovers and what makes this more heartbreaking is when your dog stares at you while you are packing your luggage as if asking you not to leave. I know, right? Those puppy eyes are just super hard to resist. But do you wonder what really goes inside your dog's mind?

Firstly, dogs are highly receptive animals. They have been with humans for the longest time serving different kinds of purposes, including sniffing out explosives, working as therapy animals, and even detecting cancer. But aside from these, dogs are wired to feel and do things that humans aren't aware of. Just like how we miss our friends and family, dogs can feel sadness and longing too.

Here are a few signs your dog misses you while you're gone

It is good to note that dogs have different personalities, different breeds, and different living environments. All these will affect how they behave, but we are listing a few things that are based on general dog behavior.

1. They sit by the door or window

Our dogs usually sit on our house window or door and mark it as their own spot. They love watching people outside for sure, but sometimes this means they await your return. They may sit for so long, not moving unless a family member carries them away. This is a sad sight to look at, right? If your dog does this too, they probably miss you.

2. They follow you everywhere around your house

Have you experienced your dog following you everywhere, even in the bathroom? This is apparently because your dog is dependent on you in some way, or they just love you so much and consider you a pack leader. After all, our longing for companionship is mutual! Awesome!

3. They sleep on your belongings and sometimes destroy them

You would probably be surprised when your dogs sleep on your towels, shoes, pillows, etc. This is because dogs are heavily attracted to our scents, and they want to always remember them! However, when our furry friend starts rummaging our stuff when left alone, this is an indication that our pet must be experiencing separation anxiety. What puts them at risk is when they might accidentally swallow something they are not supposed to eat.

4. They whine and make weird sounds when you prepare to leave

Right before you walk out of that door, your dog worriedly whines before you. Sounds familiar, right? This is an indication of separation anxiety. Remember that dogs are very perceptive and they know when you are leaving. It might be helpful to give them a hug and talk to them that you'll surely get back in no time.

5. They freak out when you come home

Dogs frantically jump and wag their tails when you come home. This is because they missed you terribly, and they're just so happy you got back. This hyperactivity is super exciting, so make sure to check them out!

6. They stop eating when you are away

Among all signs we took note of, this is the most heartbreaking. Some dogs tend to lose their interest in food and eventually stop eating altogether when they get sad from the thought of you leaving. This is a depressive episode, but their appetite comes back instantly when they see you again. So make sure that you'll not be away for too long!

So, is there a way to help our dogs feel less sad when we leave?

Here are some tips!
  • Talk to them via Skype of Zoom
  • Hire a pet sitter to come over and cuddle them while you're away
  • Doggy daycares are nice if you have the budget!
  • Make sure to leave them with their favorite toys
  • Adopt a friend for them and grow your family!
  • Leave them with your t-shirt or blanket so they can recognize your scent

Now, what do we do when we miss them?

  • Put them as a background on your phone. And when you're up for it, opt for a personalized phone case.
  • Post pictures of you and your pet on social media
  • Carry a blanket that reminds your of your cuddle time together
  • Convince yourself that they are perfectly happy meeting other dogs on their doggy daycare
  • Wear your favorite personalized pet t-shirt or hoodie.
  • Talk to some of your fellow doggie mommies and daddies

Our dogs are our ultimate best friends, and here at Pet Creations they are always worth it.