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Will My Dog Get Sick from the Rain?

August 15, 2021

Will My Dog Get Sick from the Rain?

As we all know, dogs are highly sensitive creatures. They can sense sounds and smells associated with the rain, so it becomes super overwhelming for them when you walk your dog in the rain. 

If your dog is healthy, the chances of him getting sick from getting wet is low. If your dog has a thick coat, that will keep him warm too. However, if your dog has short fur, he'll get soaked quickly, so waterproof clothing is a good option. Just make sure that you immediately dry off your dog when you get home.

What are the risks of getting my dog soaked from the rain?

Dogs could suffer poor visibility, lightning, puddles, and sickness if we insist on walking them despite a heavy downpour.

Thunder and lightning

As mentioned earlier, dogs are very sensitive to sound. Thunder and lightning can scare them that they may run away to a safer place. If this happens, you'll have to chase them up despite the rain. You also run the risk of drivers not seeing them because of poor visibility, so remember always to keep your dog on a leash.


Dogs drink on basically anywhere with water. If your dog ingests water contaminated with dangerous bacteria such as leptospirosis, you'll both be in trouble. Even if your dog does not drink the infected water, he can still ingest the bacteria or other chemicals if he links his paws. 

A drop in immunity levels

Just like humans, their immune systems could suffer during exposure to bad weather. What we should be worried about more is hypothermia. This happens when a dog's body temperature suddenly drops to abnormally low levels. Your dog may feel muscle stiffness, low blood pressure, slow breathing, increased heart rate, and difficulty breathing. 

What if my dog has hypothermia?

If your dog has hypothermia, you must assess whether the condition is manageable, or you should take him to the vet for immediate medication. In all cases, the first thing to do is bring back your dog's temperature to normal. Use blankets or heating pads to warm him up. 

How to prevent my dog from getting sick?

Protect your dog's immunity by limiting their exposure to cold and wet weather. If walking in the rain is inevitable, bring an umbrella or raincoat to protect yourself and your furry friend. 

In conclusion...

Whether or not your dog will get sick because of a downpour is really up to how strong your dog's immune system is. Walking regularly with your dog can help them stay healthy, but if you cannot do it because of the rainy season, you may opt to play and exercise indoors instead.