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Can My Cat Feel That I Love Him?

February 04, 2022

Can My Cat Feel That I Love Him?

Most people think that cats are aloof creatures that prefer to be left alone and be independent. These stereotypical depictions of cats are common among pet lovers. Let's face it. Cats are super hard to read. As a cat owner myself, I sometimes still think about whether my cat knows I love him. One of the best ways to confirm this is to observe our cat's reaction when we express our affection to them.

Can my cat feel that I love him?

Yes. According to greenmatters.com, in a 2019 study, it is revealed that kittens respond the same to us as they do to their biological parents. Some cats carry this behavior as they become adults too. Have you noticed that your cat is purring and being vocal more than usual? Domesticated cats "speak" and communicate to their biological parents. When they do just the same with their hoomans, it means that they love you, trust you, and consider you to be a significant "parent" to them as well. 

So, how do I show love to my cat?

  1. Spend more time with your cat. Showing your cat more love and attention by cuddling with them, letting them sleep in your lap, allowing them to sleep on your bed at night, and playing with them- these subtle things are essential for your cat to develop trust, and they'll know that you care for them.
  2. Cats love treats. Since cats are natural-born hunters, they could probably hunt for their food. But they would appreciate you more when you give them catnips, treats, and a few slices of tuna from time to time. 
  3. Play with them. Cats love to be stimulated. Set a schedule every day where you can play with your cat if you can. You can use strings, feathers, and other toys to keep them moving and stimulated to prevent them from sleeping all day and becoming overweight.

How Do I Know That My Cat Loves Me?

Whenever a cat becomes attached to us, they become loyal pets. They may have more boundaries than dogs, but it doesn't mean that they cannot express love and loyalty towards their owners when we have created a strong bond with them. 

Your Cat Knows When You Are Feeling Down

Just like dogs, cats can also sense when we are feeling down. They will spend time with us and most likely be around. Cats are forgiving and don't expect us to always give attention to them. When they sense that something is wrong, they'll be the ones to come and comfort us.

Your Cat Slow Blinks When You Are Around

Cats say "I love you" through slow blinks. According to Pam Johnson-Bennett, when your cat is relaxed and staring at you lazily, this is their version of giving you a kiss.

Your Cat Is "Kneading" your lap

When kittens are nursing from their mother, they knead their toes on their mom's belly. This same gesture is what cats do to their hoomans whenever they feel safe and secure. So whenever you see your cat kneading, it means they feel the warmth of your presence.