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Can Dogs Talk To Cats?

March 01, 2022

Can Dogs Talk To Cats?

As fur parents, it is no surprise that sometimes our pets bark and meow at each other as if they are talking. But have you ever thought if your cat and dog actually understand one another? Since these animals do not speak, let's know them further as we keep reading.

Humans have no problem communicating with each other, as we can easily express ourselves through speech, emotions, and body language. For animals, it is quite different as they have very limited capabilities to express themselves. For the most part, animals can express themselves through body language and vocalization. Dog's and cat's communication skills are hereditary and based on their nature.

Our households usually house both dogs and cats. So under the same roof, do you wonder how they communicate with each other? The first sign to look out for is your pets' behavioral patterns. Whenever your dog and cat are in one place, see if your dog barks at your cat. If your dog is barking fiercely at your cat, then this means that your cat's presence threatens him. Another reason may be that he does not understand who your cat is. When this situation happens, consider playing with both your pets and train them to be familiar with each other.

Once your dog gets used to your cat's presence, he will start getting giddy with your cat and wag his tail. Wagging tails is a good sign that your dog is excited around your cat, and he is happy with the company of a feline friend. You'll also notice that his ears will be perked up and not drop backward. Drooping ears usually signify fear and stress, which means you have to work out on your pets' friendship more. According to a study by N. Feuerstein and Joseph Turkel, dogs and cats can be amicable with each other based on the order of their adoption. When a cat is adopted first into a home, the dog will most likely be friendly and refrain from aggressive behaviors. If you also introduce both your dog and cat at a young age, they will likely be in a close relationship.

Animals are highly emotional beings. This has been proven countless times, and people can recognize that they are individual creatures with unique personalities. Animals can sense human emotion as well. Whenever we are sad or discouraged, notice how our dogs go to us to comfort us? It's the same with animals. Based on their body language, we can recognize them when they are fearful or excited. While there is no scientific research on how dogs and cats intercommunicate, behavioral understanding is possible between species.