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Best Valentines Gifts for Dog Lovers You Haven't Seen Yet

January 26, 2022

Best Valentines Gifts for Dog Lovers You Haven't Seen Yet

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so why not show your loved ones some extra love this Valentine's Day by preparing awesome gifts? Whether you are a pet lover or not, we are sure that you know someone who's a Dog Dad or a Dog Mom. No worries, as we at Pet Creations Art will help you pick the most unique and memorable gifts for your dog-loving friends and family. We've rounded up five unique gift ideas to make your life easier!

What is the perfect gift for dog lovers?

Cartoon Style Pet Art Canvas

What is even cuter than your pet? Your pet as a CARTOON! My sister and I can draw your pet artwork by hand. We'll make sure that everything is drawn with love, care, and careful attention to detail. We will turn your dog into an incredible masterpiece that is guaranteed to give you happy tears every time you look at the art. Send us a picture of your dog, and we'll do the rest!

cartoon style dog canvas art

Any cozy gift ideas for dog parents?

Warm Fleece Blanket

Perfect for cozy Netflix evenings or when you do cuddle time with your pup, this warm fleece blanket will surely add warmth as you snuggle together! Add some fun by using this as a blanket for your pup, your bed, etc.!

cartoon fleece blanket

Do you have dog-themed apparel?

Cartoon Style Pet Unisex Hoodie

Are you going for a morning walk with your dog? Wear a unique, custom-made dog hoodie, and you're sure to be twinning with your pet! Our personalized dog hoodie is an instant statement piece that's also a head-turner since it is a one-of-a-kind artwork. 

custom cartoon pet hoodie

What is the perfect gift set for pet lovers?

Pet-Themed Gift Bundles

You'll no longer have a hard time choosing the best gift for your pet lover friends. Our gift bundles feature a canvas, mug, and blanket. Choose which bundle is right for you. What's more, you'll be able to save MORE when you buy a gift bundle instead of buying products individually. Super cool!

Pet Creations Art Gift Bundle

No matter what Valentine's gift you decide to give your loved ones, the most important thing is that they would remember how much you care.