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5 Exotic Animals That You Can Have as Pets

August 06, 2021

5 Exotic Animals That You Can Have as Pets

There is no doubt that dogs make the best pets, 100%! But here at Pet Creations, we believe that every animal is exceptional, and they deserve every bit of love we can give. Here is a list of weirdly cute exotic animals waiting for you to love them back!

The Bearded Dragon

Its other name is Pogona (so adorable!) and is known to be calm, super friendly, and easy to handle and transport. The only challenge is the cuddles - are you up for the little prickly spikes on its body?

The Tarantula

A soft and fuzzy creature, this 8-legged cutie will surely tickle you when you handle them! But no worries, most species are not poisonous and are pretty harmless. What's more, you can play with them too! If you aren't afraid of giant frickin' spiders, then this furry friend is for you!

The Hedgehog

This cutie has been a go-to exotic animal of collectors around the world. And we wouldn't protest. Just look at that beady eyes and pointy nose! These critters are nocturnal - meaning they will be up all night spinning around their wheels. If you love pulling off an all-nighter, then they can surely keep you company. Just be careful not to scare them, as their spikes are pretty sharp!

The Burmese Python

This slinky friend is not for the faint of heart, but it indeed is a show stopper. They can grow up to 17 feet and can eat A LOT. Our advice if you want to make a python your pet, make them your ONLY pet (to avoid them eating smaller animals in your home).

The Fancy White Rat

These domesticated rats are super bright, so training them is a piece of cake! They also have high levels of emotional intelligence. Plus, you won't worry about neatness since these cuties clean themselves, making them low-maintenance house pets.

In conclusion, all animals are incredible. You have to look at them closely and see that they can be wonderful companions in the long run. We believe that all pets matter, and they all deserve love.