Meet Our Artists

We are proud to work with highly talented artists who are also massive pet lovers! Our artists hand-draw each pet with love, care, and attention, capturing the personality of your pet in a style that you always loved.

Laura - Cartoon Artist

This is my dream job! I became an artist in 2014 and mostly drew pets and animal illustrations! I love drawing all pets, but it's always fascinating when I get to draw something a bit more exotic!

My Favorite Work

cartoon pet art

Nunzia - Cartoon Artist

Unfortunately, I lost my last job due to COVID-19 in 2020 and was struggling to find work. I was happy to work anywhere but being able to join Pet Creations was a true blessing. I've always drawn since I was a kid. I first attended an Artistic High School, and then I graduated in Comics from the International School of Comics in Turin, Italy. I love drawing dogs, especially Labradors or Golden Retrievers!

Nunzia disney cartoon pet artist 

My Favorite Work

pet art

Antonija - Spooky Artist

I've been an illustration artist professionally for over five years now and drawing ever since I can remember. I'm a huge Tim Burton fan, so I love getting to draw our 'Spooky Style' more than anything.

Antonija Spooky Tim Burton Artist

My Favorite Work

Spooky tim burton style pet portraits

Kelsey - Colorful Artist

I am a huge Steven Brown fan, and my art was inspired by that. I have been drawing ever since I can remember and have been doing this full time for the last two years. I love animals, and I love drawing, so getting to do this as a job is perfect for me.

steven brown inspired colorful pet artist

My Favorite Work

colorful custom pet art

Edward - Modern Artist

I am a university graduate of 2D animation and graphic arts. I have been drawing pet portraits for over seven years now. I was selling digital pet portraits on my own for around eight months but was struggling to get consistent work. Working for Pet Creations took that stress away and allowed me to focus on what I love most, drawing pet portraits!

Edward modern pet portrait artist 

My Favorite Work

modern pet portraits

Want a specific artist to draw your portrait? Please contact us at and request which artist you would like to work on your order. Please note that all of our artists are highly talented, and each artist specializes in different kinds of pets, so we'll always make sure that your order is drawn to the best standard.