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Pet Creations Blog

5 Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day With Your Pet?

5 Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day With Your Pet?

by Sophia H February 03, 2022

Valentine's is the perfect time to give your pets extra love and attention. I'll show you some paw-mazing ideas to celebrate this season of love in this article!
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How To Keep My Pets Safe This Valentine's Day

How To Keep My Pets Safe This Valentine's Day

by Sophia H January 27, 2022

In this article, I'll help you learn some safety tips to ensure that your pet will be safe from potential Valentine's Day hazards.
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Best Valentines Gifts for Dog Lovers You Haven't Seen Yet

Best Valentines Gifts for Dog Lovers You Haven't Seen Yet

by Sophia H January 26, 2022

We at Pet Creations Art will help you pick the most unique and memorable gifts for your dog-loving friends and family. We've rounded up five unique gift ideas to make your life easier!
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How can I make my cat happy?

How Can I Keep My Cat Happy Indoors?

by Sophia St. Clair November 09, 2021

With the cold weather approaching, pet parents should be more prepared to make a suitable place for their pets indoors. Here are tips and tricks to make indoors exciting and ideal for your feline friend that meets all your cat's needs.
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Does my dog know if he did wrong?

Does My Dog Know When It Did Something Wrong?

by Sophia St. Clair November 08, 2021

Did you ever wonder why dogs look guilty when they do something wrong? In this article I'll explain how and why dogs behave this way.
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does my cat love me?

Ten Ways To Know If My Cat Loves Me

by Pet Creations November 01, 2021

Cats are hard to read, let alone the fact that they are not fans of snuggles and constant affections of love. So, how do we determine if your cats love us? Here in this article, we will walk you through the different signs that your cat loves you.
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dogs make humans happier

Can Dogs Really Make People Happier?

by Pet Creations October 29, 2021

Our dogs are more than just cuddly companions; they bring real emotional and physical benefits to their fur parents too. Dogs can significantly lower stress levels, and they do a lot more other things!

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How to celebrate Halloween with my pet

Purrfect Halloween Celebration Ideas For Your Pet

by Pet Creations October 28, 2021

It's just a few days before the much-awaited Halloween celebrations. There are many ways to celebrate this with your pets and family. If you still haven't thought of something yet, then we gotchu fam! 
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Make Halloween safe for your pets

How Can I Keep My Pet Safe on Halloween?

by Pet Creations October 27, 2021

Halloween is indeed a fun spooky event that families and their pets usually celebrate. In this event, pet owners must still take safety precautions to make sure their pets are safe.
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custom cartoon style girlfriend artwork canvas

What Is The Best Surprise Gift For My Girlfriend?

by Pet Creations October 26, 2021

There are a thousand ways to show your girlfriend that you love her. It could be a bit overwhelming to think of that one special gift that she'll cherish forever. Pet Creations Art will make a choice easy for you!
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Spooky Style Gifts for Pet Lovers

The Perfect Spooky Halloween Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

by Pet Creations October 25, 2021

Are you planning for a fun, unique Halloween party? Send your friends and loved ones a spooky treat this Halloween. Wanna surprise them with the purr-fect trick-or-treat gift? We gotcha!
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can my cat eat dog food?

Can My Cat Eat Dog Food?

by Pet Creations October 20, 2021

The answer is yes, your cat can eat dog food but not regularly. However, dog food must not be substituted permanently as it can cause further health problems in the long run.
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