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How Do I Say "I Love You" in Dog Language?

How Do I Say "I Love You" in Dog Language?

by Pet Creations October 18, 2021

It's no secret that our dogs love us. But is there a way to make them feel loved as well? Yes! the best way to tell our dogs that we love them is through our body language and facial expressions.
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Why is my dog eating paper

Why Is My Dog Eating Paper?

by Pet Creations September 29, 2021

Dogs can be attracted to a whole lot of things, and most of the time, they can be playing with a foreign object and ingest it. Whenever dogs ingest something aside from food, such as paper, this can pose a threat to their gastrointestinal tract, leading to diarrhea, vomiting, and other complications.
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Cartoon Pet Canvases are the best gifts this holiday season

Why is a Cartoon Pet Canvas the Best Holiday Gift for Pet Lovers?

by Pet Creations September 28, 2021

As one of the most loved and amusing animals on earth, our dogs and their owners surely deserve all the best gifts this Holiday Season. We have compiled why cartoon-style pet products make the BEST gifts for pets and the humans who love them.
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Do dogs dream?

Does My Dog Dream About Me?

by Pet Creations September 24, 2021

According to the latest research, when dogs sleep, they are most probably dreaming about their humans. Dogs are our best friends, but who would have thought that their loyalty and love for us extend into their dreams as well? 
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Why is my cat always hungry?

Why Is My Cat Always Hungry?

by Pet Creations September 20, 2021

In reality, cats aren't as motivated by food as dogs. If you observe closely, your feline friend may also act demanding when served with food. So if your cat is acting super hungry all the time and begging for food beyond usual, then it could be a sign of a medical issue. 
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We turn your pet into a cartoon

How Do I Turn My Pet into a Cartoon?

by Pet Creations September 14, 2021

Have you ever wondered how your pet would look like as a cartoon? Cartooning apps are pretty popular nowadays, such as Snapchat. But we at Pet Creations can offer you a far better option.
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how to cope with the loss of a pet

How to Cope with the Loss of a Pet

by Pet Creations September 13, 2021

It is extremely painful when we are suddenly faced with the loss of our furry best friend. In this article we'll help you cope effectively with the loss of your favorite companion.
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can my rabbit sleep with me

Can My Pet Rabbit Sleep With Me?

by Pet Creations September 10, 2021

We all love our pets so much, and as rabbit owners, we would want to do everything to ensure our bunnies get the best care possible. Can rabbits sleep in our beds? Here are some things we learned and wanted to share with you.
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can my cat eat watermelon

Can My Cat Eat Watermelon?

by Pet Creations September 09, 2021

Even though watermelon is a human favorite, is it safe to feed it to cats? The simple answer is yes, when given on smaller amounts occasionally.
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can my cat take a bath

Is It Safe to Bathe My Cat?

by Pet Creations September 08, 2021

Is it really necessary to bathe your cat? The simple answer is no. But there are some exceptions. This article will help you understand why bathing cats is needed in certain circumstances and how we wash them without the fuss.

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why is my dog sitting at my feet

Why Is My Dog Always Laying on My Feet?

by Pet Creations September 07, 2021

Have you ever experienced the warm and happy sensation that most pet owners feel whenever their dogs lie down at their feet? This is usually how our dogs show affection, telling us that they are comfortable with our presence.
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my dog bit me

What If My Dog Bites Me: Can I Do Something About It?

by Pet Creations September 06, 2021

There are many reasons your dog may bite you. The first thing to do is stay calm and not panic. In this article we'll help you deal with all issues surrounding dog bites, and how to prevent it at all costs.
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